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Availability and devices


  • How do I subscribe to Téléfrance?
  • How do I pay to watch Téléfrance?
  • Is your payment service secure?
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
  • Will I get charged for internet usage?


  • I’m experiencing difficulties using your service
  • What happens if I have forgotten/lost my password?
  • What happens if I forget/lose my username?
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About Us

Téléfrance is a package that includes a variety of channels for French expats in the UK. This French TV package can be accessed via internet connected Roku device, Now Tv Box, iOS or Android device

French expats in the UK can now easily and inexpensively watch French TV programmes including news, sports, documentaries and entertainment shows from the comfort of their homes.

Before buying a subscription,
have you checked that:

  1. You have a compatible Freeview HD TV set or device?
    Compatible Devices
  2. You have a Broadband connection? (2 Mbps or more required)
  3. Your TV is connected to a TV aerial?
  4. You have accessed one of our Free to Air channels (i.e. France24) and checked that the video in the screen is playing?

If this is the case, you are ready to register and buy a subscription of your favourite Vision TV Network package!

If you can't see the video playing in the screen, then your device might not be compatible for this service.

You may need to upgrade or retune your device for this service to work. You can also get in touch with your device manufacturer to see if they will be adding IC streaming to its capabilities. If not, then here is a list of devices that we know do support IC streaming and do work with this growing number of new services:
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