About Téléfrance

Easily watch French TV in the UK on your television screen with Téléfrance

French people in the UK can now effortlessly and in-expensively watch French TV in the UK with VISION TV Network. VISION is a new kind of TV channel that will bring your favourite French TV to television screens in your living room with the help of an internet connected device.

Watch French television and stay in touch with French culture

Don't feel separated from France when in the UK. Don't miss your favourite French TV shows and the latest news from France. Inexpensively watch sports, documentaries, educational and entertainment programmes and more from France and feel much closer to home with VISION TV Network.

Téléfrance Package

Subscribing to the Téléfrance package will give you access to France 2, France 3, France 5 and France 24 TV channels, each with fantastic picture quality. These French TV channels include a diverse range of programmes from news, debates, documentaries, dramas, sitcoms, sports, sports, talk shows and cultural, entertainment and educational programmes.

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About Us

Téléfrance is a package that includes a variety of channels for French expats in the UK. This French TV package can be accessed via internet connected Samsung Smart TV app, iOS or Android device. 

French expats in the UK can now easily and inexpensively watch French TV programmes including news, sports, documentaries and entertainment shows from the comfort of their homes.